Salary €70,000 – 100,000

Job Location Dublin

Type Permanent

Consultant Dave Riordan


Posted 12 June 2017

Transport Economist



Our client is the largest and most important transport hub in the country. It is a vital node in the country’s international merchandise trade links.


Purpose of Role:

  • Provide an in-house economics expertise to support the development of the hub.
  • Prepare ex ante and ex post cost benefit analysis of investment in infrastructure projects
  • Preparation of analysis and reports to support applications for finance
  • Development of the economic case for the joint investment by CLIENT and other stakeholders in key infrastructure
  • Contribution to the development of concepts and frameworks for innovative financing
  • Participation in EU forums such as ESPO and with the European Commission to understand and influence the development of EU policy.
  • Engagement with Government and with State bodies to create an understanding of the needs of our client and to positively influence the implementation of policies and projects needed by the client to achieve its Masterplan objectives
  • Analysis of economic trends and projections to underpin the company’s long term development plans
  • Identification of relevant economic trends in ports and transport networks worldwide to ensure modern thinking and best practice are understood and applied in the development of Dublin Port


Scope of role:

a) Economic analytical framework

  • Development of a coherent and intellectually rigorous analytical framework for the economic evaluation of hub investments
  • Ensure that the basis of economic analysis carried out by CLIENT is informed by international best practice
  • Ensure that economic analysis meets the requirements of Government and EU bodies whose support (financial or at a policy level) is needed


b) Cost Benefit Analysis

  • Completion of cost benefit analysis both ex ante and ex post of major capital investment projects and programmes
  • Ensure that economic analysis is consistent with the approach and practice of key stakeholders
  • Identification and, as required, completion of CBA studies on infrastructure critical to our client (such as our client Tunnel and the national motorway network)


c) Public policy

  • Input informed thinking in policy development at the local, national and EU levels to positively influence the development of public policy in areas which impact on the future role and development of the hub
  • Interpretation of the impact of environmental policies on the economics of hub operations and supply chain partners (including hauliers and shipping lines)


d) Promotional and representational

  • Represent our client at national and international forums
  • Promote the interests of our client with local stakeholders and representative organisations


e) Market and capacity analysis

  • Clear identification and articulation of the economic drivers for Dublin Port’s volume growth
  • Develop models which coherently relate volume projections, financial projections and economic projections
  • Development of a model for hub capacity which can authoritatively project future hub capacity requirements in Irish Hubs


Top Accountabilities:

  • Establishment of our client as the prime authority in the country on the economics of hub operations and investment
  • Economic analysis becomes central in Board decisions on major infrastructure investment
  • Economic analysis is decisive in securing finance particularly from EU bodies (EIB and Commission)
  • Economic analysis is robust and convincing in planning applications, particularly where IROPI arguments have to be made
  • There is a seamless integration between financial and economic analysis of hub infrastructure investments
  • The combination of ex ante and ex post analysis of project investments improves the quality of the company’s decision making and project implementation over time


Qualifications, Experience and Required Skills:

  • 3rd level degree in economics
  • Post graduate economics qualification preferably in the field of transport economics
  • Experience in environmental and tourism economics
  • At least five years’ experience in cost benefit analysis in transport projects and transport network operations
  • Excellent presentation skills both verbally and in writing
  • An ability to present economic cases convincingly and with authority to non-technical audiences
  • An enthusiastic and energetic presenter and collaborator (both nationally and internationally)


Barriers to success in role:

  • Absence of a well-documented and usable economic model
  • Inconsistency between the company’s approach to economic evaluation and that of key stakeholders
  • The client s role and requirements not recognised in national policies and in infrastructure development programmes


Contact: Dave Riordan - driordan(@)

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